Lemon Mini Fruit – Update :(

15th May 2017. Unfortunately the mini lemon fruit spotted on 7th May has turned brown. Sad but not unexpected. Hope for better next time…

The previous mini fruits from the flowers seen on 5th May is still green…


O   O


Lemon Plant – Mini Fruits Forming From Flowers…

8th May 2017. The flowers have dropped and mini lemons have formed on 2 of the 3 flowers.

The petals of the flowers still on the ground below…


I was surprised how fast the mini lemons appeared post flowering…


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Lemon Plant – Overlooked Mini Fruit…

7th May 2017. Correction on the “Lemon Plant Finally Flowered!” on 5th May 2017. The lemon plant must have flowered before because I saw a small mini lemon forming on another nearby branch… . 🙂

Update on the flower shown on the 5th:

The flowers have fully bloomed. There were some flower petals on the ground right below the flowers. Hopefully more mini lemons form. However I am uncertain whether the fruits can develop fully as both the flowers and mini lemon forming now are on very thin branches, barely thicker than toothpicks.

Fingers crossed on more flowers and fruits developing on thicker branches more capable of supporting the weight of the fruits to be…


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Lemon Plant Finally Flowered! :)

5th May 2017. After what seems like eons, my lemon tree finally flowered! :). The tree is located next to my compost area, hence the blue Garbage to Garden Composting Project Compost Bin which is shown in the background in the photo below. The lemon plant was bought as a lowland lemon plant that can withstand the hot tropical lowland temperatures.


I guess the lemon tree was planted some 4-5 years ago, don’t quite remember. However the location of the tree is not optimal: blocked from the sun on one side by a metal garden shed and on the other by the banana plant.

So far it has been only the single bunch of flowers, hopefully others will be coming out too. I am not too hopeful that if these existing flowers develop into fruits, that the branch can support the fruits where it is.

Fingers crossed, other flowers will be appearing soon, hopefully on branches which are stronger.


O   O