EcoKnights and Shell’s “Garbage to Garden Composting Project” Compost Bin Batch #2. Day 33.

12th May 2017. Morning composting materials: the usual wheatgrass mats and kitchen waste.IMG_20170512_080306.jpg

Before the additions, a look at the inside of the bin: loads of white fungi on the wheatgrass mats added yesterday.

Added the new mats followed by the kitchen waste.

Followed by some crushed dry leaves plus a some green ferns.

Plus the usual wet down…

Noon addition: just some garden waste and a small quantity of leftover white rice…

I estimate that the bin is about 80% filled by height. My guess is that it’s due to the recent introduction of the wheatgrass mats which are dense and less subject to compaction.

Pre-dinner add: kitchen waste.

Post-dinner add: fish bones! 🙂

O   O


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