EcoKnights and Shell’s “Garbage to Garden Composting Project” Compost Bin Batch #2. Day 28.

7th May 2017.

Early morning: Waste paper in the bucket to start (was cutting up some paper the night before..)IMG_20170507_081133.jpg

Composting material: wheatgrass mats and some kitchen waste…



Added kitchen waste:

Arranged the mats as I could: interesting how long the roots of the wheatgrass plant grew.

Soaked waste paper added.


Mid-morning: second addition… . Material: garden waste, kitchen waste and crushed dry leaves in the white plastic bag.

Added the greens:

Then the browns…

Wetting down…


Early afternoon: third addition… . Kitchen waste as well as funny smelling edible dry fungus.

Added the wet stuff first…

Then the dry fungus…

And a wet down…

Evening: Fourth addition… . Kitchen and garden wastes.IMG_20170507_191650.jpg

It was late and getting darker by the moment, decided to skip the browns… 🙂

Currently the compost bin is barely even half full. The shrinkage and compaction is much higher than I thought.

O   O


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