EcoKnights and Shell’s “Garbage to Garden Composting Project” Compost Bin Batch #2. Day 26.

5th May 2017.

Morning: Composting material – hand crushed dry leaves and garden waste.


Added greens…



Last minute addition: wheatgrass mats

Evening: Kitchen and garden waste along with a bag of mouldy dry mushrooms.

Cut up the mushrooms and soaked them in water. Decided not to put it in the bin today as I thought it would need some time to absorb the water. Soaked it in the plastic awaiting my next bin addition session….

Proceeded with the addition of the green wastes, but due to the fading daylight, had to use the flash. Unsure what caused the abnormal colouration.

Fading daylight also meant I didn’t have time to hand crush the dry leaves that I would have preferred, so I just used good old shredded office paper…

Wetting down…


O   O


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