Wheatgrass. Day 3:

26th April 2017.

Early morning… . Front container is the one on day 3. Back container is a later batch, day 2. Both were kept in the dark.


Closer look at the day 3 plantlets…

Closer look at the day 2 plantlets…

Few hours later… felt itchy to look at them again…

Decided that it was time to move the day 3 trays out to indirect sun as most if not all the seeds have sprouted and the sprouts are about 1 inch or more.

Growing them at the same spot where I grew my wheatgrass a decade ago… . The day 3 trays are in the yellowish container.

The grown wheatgrass on the left and right of the yellowish container were bought from Village Grocer, Atria. Since I couldn’t find the seeds earlier, I had to resort to buying grown trays while waiting for my home-grown wheatgrass…

A closer look at the bought wheatgrass in the photo below. This tray contained in a larger white tray was bought yesterday and some of the wheatgrass cut for juicing this morning.


Photo below: top tray in a white tray contains the wheatgrass mat from which the grass was fully harvested 2 days ago.


Photo above: the bottom tray in a red tray is a wheatgrass mat which was fully harvested some 5 days or so ago. I am just leaving these harvested mats out to regrow whatever it can.
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