Wheatgrass. Day 1: Into the plant trays…

24th April 2017. OK the seeds have sprouted some thingies and are ready for the plant trays. I soaked the soil in the plant trays with water and tried to single layer the seeds onto the wet soil. Obviously I haven’t been too careful… 🙂

I should mention that after soaking the seeds for about 12 hours, I drained them and left them in a dark spot. I read that one should rinse the seeds every so often and so whenever I remembered, I rinsed the seeds before draining them again and leaving them back in the dark spot. I probably rinsed them twice or three times at 4 hourly intervals.

After placing the germinated seeds on the soil in the grow trays, I placed all three grow trays in a plastic rectangular container for easier handling. The covered container went into my storage area which is rarely accessed.


O   O



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