Wheatgrass. Day 0: Seed Soaking and Tray Prep.

23rd April 2017. About a decade ago, I was growing and juicing wheatgrass for family members. Recently I wanted to start doing that again but had not been able to buy wheatgrass seeds. I did have the decade-old leftover seeds from back then. I had tried germinating them but as expected, nada.

All the shops that used to carry these seeds a decade ago seems not to be carrying them today. Hmm, is wheatgrass no longer the in-thing? :). Finally found some online, ordered them on 18th April…. but still no sign of them. Hmmm…

Then finally found it at Medifoods Subang Jaya when I was there for their buffet breakfast! Finally I got my seeds.

The Gatorade bottle is my decade-old seeds and the plastic bag contains the newly purchased wheatgrass seeds from Medifoods.

Soaking the seeds to start the germination process… . Gonna leave it to soak overnight.

In the meantime prepared my plant trays. My decade-old plant trays had long since been disposed off… . Time to make use of the 1l milk cartons that I had been keeping! 🙂 I just cut one of the larger surfaces off and punch holes in the other larger surface to act as the drainage holes.

I suspect I may have mold issues, due to the carton being made of paper and it may not be re-usable that many times. Nonetheless I think I should try it at least once or three times before looking for other materials which I do not have at hand at this moment in time.


Finally, I get to use the compost from the first batch of compost from EcoKnights and Shell’s “Garbage to Garden Composting Project” Compost Bin! 🙂

I didn’t want to use 100% compost, so I added in maybe 3 parts potting soil to 7 parts compost. I also added a little garden lime to reduce the acidity of the planting media to try to slow down mold.


Anyways, the plant tray is ready for the germinated seeds. All it needs is a little soaking before the germinated seeds goes onto it.

O   O


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