EcoKnights and Shell’s “Garbage to Garden Composting Project” Compost Bin Batch #2. Day 11.

20th April 2017. This morning’s compostables: garden waste, kitchen waste & coffee grinds.


Starting point:


After adding…



Now for the “browns”… . Started with the white “browns”…

After wetting down…

Then remembered that I had an alternative form of browns…

Yup, toilet paper cardboard cores. Found a bag of them when I was rummaging for something. I dipped them into water before unrolling them and placing them in the bin.

Of note on the composting material in the compost bin: this morning it seemed that the stuff had compacted a surprising level in the last 2 unattended days. From just below half bin height, the composting stuff had dropped to about 20% bin height. I was surprised by the high level of compaction.


O   O






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