49th Day : Harvest Day

9th April 2017. OK. Harvest day…

I just pulled the compost bin upwards, shaking the bin a little to dislodge any stubborn compost that was clinging to the compost bin.

Doesn’t look much does it?

Above Left Photo: Was pleased to see the earthworm in the compost. Shows that the compost is more or less ready. There were many earthworms, didn’t take many photos as I had to use my hands to handle the compost.
Above Right Photo: Stack of not yet composted brown leaves – these will be thrown back into the compost bin along with any incompletely composted material that I manage to separate out.

Yup, many roots found their way into this compost pile.

Moved the pile into a shallow green pail.

Not an insignificant amount of incompletely composted material, usually the harder woodier stems. No problems, just means gotta separate them out. I know many people use a screen to separate the finished compost from the larger not fully composted pieces but I have never gotten round to making it. I just use the old fashion hand pick method. 🙂

From the shallow green pail, I removed whatever not fully composted material I could and transferred the composted stuff to a 18 liter blue pail. I estimate that I have maybe 15 liters (plus/minus 😉 ) of finished compost from this batch.

Plus the not yet fully composted material separated out from the finished stuff… . Gonna just start another batch of compost on this not yet composted material.

49 days from start to finish. Not too bad, but could have been faster. One factoid about compost produced from these smallish bins. The internal temperature will not get anywhere near the temperature required to deactivate seeds that find their way into the compost bin. This means that some, many of these seeds will sprout and grow after you have added this compost to your plants. Please be prepared for this. I just weed more often and have more material for the compost bins! 🙂

O   O


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