My Other Compost Bins: 80 Litre Blue Roller Compost Bin

25th February 2017. Some time ago, my brother gave me a 80 litre blue plastic drum which I promptly drilled lotsa holes and used as a roller compost bin.

Aerating or turning the composting material is relatively easier for these types of composting bins. Just place the covered bin on its side and roll it around. The idea is allow fresh air to come in through the holes to replace the old air which by now would have a relatively lower oxygen content. Our composting micro-organism friends need lotsa O2 for them to continue working hard in converting the organic matter into compost.

For these types of roller compost bins, one must ensure that there is sufficient empty space inside when being rolled so as to allow effective air exchange.

I find this roller method much easier on my back compared to my other compost bin which I need to use my shovel to turn or aerate the material. Sometimes I roll the bin with my hands and sometimes with my…

20170225 19 roller leg .jpg

o   o


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