6th Morning: “Kacau”ing time!

25th February 2017. Back from the park, it’s time to aerate the composting material in the compost bin. Here’s what it looks like before the “kacau”ing, or turning or mixing or aeration.

Temperature seems constant at about 40 degrees C. Or wait, could it be stuck, always showing 40 degrees C? Gotta take out the thermometer before the aeration anyways. So out it comes. The thermometer is maybe about a foot long. Here it is next to the blue lid of the EcoKnights / Shell compost bin. It’s showing the ambient temperature to be low 30s degrees C. Seems right, looks like it’s working after all.

I normally use a mini shovel for my compost aeration. That’s the one in the photo below.20170225 07 shovel.jpgI got mine from Mr DIY but I have seen the same type in other places as well. It came from Mr DIY with a wooden shaft but I think the wood used was not suitable as the shaft of my mini shovel broke after a few weeks of use. Inspection of the breakage showed rotting wood. Normally after each aeration session, I would bang the mini shovel against the plastic compost bins to get as much of the compost off  the mini shovel as possible. The rotting wood could no longer take any more of my abuse 😉 .

Since I liked the size of this mini shovel, I replaced the wooden shaft with a section of one inch chrome tube (I think the chrome tube used to be part of a towel hanger or shower curtain rail). As good as new, maybe better, certainly stronger! 🙂 .

Sorry, no photos (nor video…) of the aeration. It’s just moving the composting material about. The idea is to aerate the composting material, allowing oxygen rich air to replace the lower oxygen air within the air space of the composting material. Photos above shows the composting material post aeration.

While aerating the composting material, I uncovered some pockets of dry looking material. So I decided to wet it down again. I used about 2 liters of water in a watering can over the top. Photos below are post watering.

Reinserted the thermometer, again about 40 degrees C! Oh well… . Hopefully it will heat up more over the next few days. We will see…

Anyways here’s the compost bin again:

 o     o




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