Calibrating the compost thermometer

21 February 2017. Dug the compost thermometer out. Had to ensure calibration, so…

IMG_20170221_220629 calibrating the meter.jpgOK. Calibrated…

IMG_20170221_220841 At night.jpgThe compost bin at night…

IMG_20170221_220923 into the compost.jpgThermometer inserted into the compost bin.

IMG_20170221_220934 compost reading.jpgShowing a temperature of about 40 degrees C. Had hoped for a higher temperature.

3rd Morning…

IMG_20170222_072258 Morning.jpg22nd February 2017. Early morning compost check:

IMG_20170222_072307 morning meter.jpgThermometer still showing about 40 degrees C. Let’s see how it goes the next few days…



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